Information for Dealers


New Pool Installation

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Refer to the Cleardeck Unit Conversion Table to ensure that you have the proper kit for your pool.
Maximum pool size: 22 ft / 6.7056 mtrs wide by 46 ft / 14.0208 mtrs long.

Tools Required

Once you'e finished the installation of your new Cleardeck Solar Blanket System, for best performance and longer blanket life, the solar blanket should be extended and retracted slowly. (Approximately one minute in either direction). When retracting the solar blanket make sure the blanket remains flat and wrinkle free, manually adjust if necessary. Wrinkles will increase the force required to retract the blanket and result in possible damage to the blanket and/or the drive mechanism. Keep the surface of the solar blanket clean and free of debris for optimum performance.


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