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Existing Pool Installation

Step 1

Refer to the Cleardeck Unit Conversion Table to ensure that you have the proper kit for your pool.
Maximum pool size: 22 ft / 6.7056 mtrs wide by 46 ft / 14.0208 mtrs long.

Tools Required

Step 2

Remove outer packaging from drive end kit and extension kit. Remove parts package and instructions from the drive end kit. For Master Kit # CD1087-09, CD1087-10 and CD1087-11, it will be necessary to remove the plastic end cap from the drive end in order to retrieve the parts kit (CD1101). Use a Phillips screw driver to remove the screws, remove the parts kit, and replace the end cap in its original location reusing the same screws. Save these instructions until the entire installation is complete. Do not remove inner roller tube supports, or protective polymask tape from top of units, at this time.

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Step 3 - Master Kit Assembly Instructions

NOTE: Master kits CD1087-09, CD1087-10 and CD1087-11 are single piece construction and do not require splicing. Please ignore steps 3b, 3c, 3d, and 3e.
(Refer to Diagram #1). With the units resting flat on the deck or adjacent to the final location:

  1. Orient the units to ensure that the lid opens away from the pool. (See Diagram 2)
  2. Align the drive end kit housing with extension kit housing, and butt the ends together tightly as shown in Diagram #1.
  3. Remove the single screw from each of the connectors. Slide the connectors halfway into the extension kit housing, until they are equi-spaced. (4 connectors)
  4. Replace the single screw into the original location and install 3 more of the same screws into each connector. Repeat this procedure for all 4 connectors.
  5. Make sure that the top flanges meet and are flush with each other. Adjust if necessary.

(You may want to use a support or shim to insure the top is level.)

Step 4

Determine the most appropriate location for your Cleardeck Solar Blanket System . Once the final location has been established, verify that the area is level, and free of excessive elevation changes. The Solar Reel System should be located as close as possible to the pool coping. The exact location will be determined by using string to simulate the solar blanket location in its extended position, and ensuring that the entire water surface is covered (Diagram #3). It is very important that corners A & B are 90 o . This should be checked with a carpenter's square. Adjust the sideways position of the Solar Reel System to have the same amount of protrusion past A & B as shown (approximately 230mm).

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Step 5

In deciding the appropriate location for your Cleardeck System, it is important to insure that the deck is sufficiently flat to allow the unit to rest on its' outer flanges once installed. Some existing decks may have excessive slopes or elevation changes, which may preclude proper installation. In these situations a portion or all of the deck may have to be removed and replaced, or, the unit may have to be re-located to a more suitable location.

Step 6

Pool kit designs and pool shapes vary. It is imperative that the solar blanket system be installed straight, level and perpendicular to the pool. The unit must also be properly secured to prevent shifting. Refer to steps 7, 8 & 9 for installation suggestions. Extra time spent to insure that the unit is well secured, straight and level, will insure a quality installation and trouble free operation.

Step 7

For installation in existing decks, use a chalk line to outline the opening. The opening should be slightly larger than the length and width of the unit as measured below the outer flanges (3mm clearance is sufficient). The depth of the opening should be approx. 330mm. Make certain the opening is sufficiently deep to allow the unit to hang on its outer flanges throughout its' entire length.

Step 8

For installation in raised decks, with accessibility from the underside, we suggest framing the underside of the opening to provide extra stiffness.

Step 9

For installation in landscaped areas, we suggest that either a concrete trench be formed and poured or a pressure-treated wooden frame be constructed to accommodate the unit. The frame can then be installed around the trenched opening and the Cleardeck System dropped into the frame. It may be necessary to anchor the frame into the soil, or existing sub-base.

Step 10

CAUTION: It may be necessary to ground the reel and lid assemblies depending on local electrical code requirements. Check with your local electrical authorities. Should continuous grounding be required, a hole may be drilled through the housing or end cap in order to feed the ground wire. Refer to Diagram #4 for suggested grounding lug locations or termination points. A grounding rod may be required.

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Step 11

You are now ready to install the unit in the opening. Check again that the lid opens away from the pool, refer to Diagram #2.

Step 12

Lower the unit into the opening and verify that the flange contacts the deck around the entire Cleardeck unit. If it does not, remove the unit and clear any debris causing it to not sit properly.

Step 13

Secure the unit along both perimeter flanges using Tapcons or Wood screws equally spaced approx. every 610 mm. The flange will need to be pre-drilled to suit the screw and the upper portion of the flange will need to be counter-bored using a 10mm drill. Use extra care when counter-boring to ensure that the drill does not penetrate the lower portion of the flange. Tighten screws securely. (Refer to Diagram #5)

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Step 14

Insert a plastic plug, into each of the counter-bored holes.

Step 15

Once the Cleardeck unit is properly secured, carefully cut out the knockout panels using a skill saw, jigsaw or sawzall. Two saw cuts are provided at one end to allow the initial saw blade access. Continue cutting along the path of the existing cuts. Be careful not to damage any exposed surfaces. The panels may also be scored with a utility knife and knocked out using a hammer. Discard the panels which have been cut out. Make certain any rough edges are filed or sanded to prevent damage to your solar blanket during operation.

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Step 16

Remove the handle from the unit. Do not remove roller tube inserts (if installed) at this time. Installation of any necessary grounding should be completed at this time, per step 10.

Splicing the Roller Tubes:

NOTE: Master kits CD1087-09, CD1087-10 and CD1087-11 are single piece construction and do not require splicing. Please ignore steps 18 and 19.

Step 17

Remove each of the solar blanket retaining strips from the roller tubes. Save the screws, since they will be reused to attach the solar blanket (single piece constructions have only one retaining strip).

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Click to see Diagram 6a - Retaining Strip

Step 18

Slide the splice tube, which is in the drive end roller tube into the extension kit roller tube. Check to ensure that the mounting plates are pushed all the way to the ends of the housing until they contact the end cap at each end, as shown above. The splice tube is marked at the middle of its length as a guide for installation. Move the splice tube until the mark is approximately centered. The tubes are locked in position with a ratcheting action. Grip the splice tube and a roller tube in each hand (a tool such as a strap wrench may be used) and rotate the splice and roller tubes in opposite directions. Enough torque must be applied to engage the ratcheting action and lock the tubes. Repeat for the other roller and splice tube connection. You may use the die lines on the tubes for orientation. Once locked, the splice tube can not be moved.

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Step 19

To permanently attach the splice tube to each of the roller tubes, use 8 tek screws (4 per side) supplied in the parts bag. Equi-space the screws around the roller tubes approximately 76 mm from the spliced end. See Diagram #7. Once the splice tube is secured, remove the packaging inserts and any debris that may damage the unit or solar blanket during operation.

Solar Blanket Installation (blanket not included)

Verify that the pool water level is correct and you are ready to install the solar blanket. Many styles of bubble solar blankets are available. Contact your dealer to determine the appropriate selection for your pool. To allow for fitting and trimming, the new solar blanket should be a minimum of 1.22 metres longer than the overall length of the pool. The minimum width of the solar blanket should be equal to the maximum pool width.

Step 20

Carefully unroll the entire solar blanket over the pool surface making sure that the blanket lays flat with no wrinkles. Adjust the lengthwise position of the blanket to ensure that the roller end of the blanket will meet with the top of the roller tube. Attach the roller end of the solar blanket to the roller tube by laying the end of the blanket over the existing pre-drilled retaining strip holes, and then laying the retaining strip over the blanket. Re-insert the tek screws into the existing holes from step 17. The solar blanket bubbles can be used as a guide to ensure that the end of the blanket is parallel to the roller tube. Once secured, wrap the blanket one full wrap around the roller tube. Check the blanket to ensure that it covers the entire water surface prior to trimming the solar blanket.

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Step 21

After final positioning of the blanket, it must be trimmed to fit the pool contour. A “tongue” should be left where the blanket rises to the surface of the deck to enter the housing. Finally, a draw strap, three button fasteners and two screw fasteners are included with your solar blanket system. (See Diagram #9)

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Step 22

Locate the draw strap at the approximate center of the end of the pool cover. The end of the draw strap is split into 2 strips with 3 snap closures and 2 plastic bolts in the webbing. Remove the nylon fasteners and separate the snaps. Place one strip under and one strip over the solar blanket and snap together with the cover sandwiched between. Start at the outside edge and work toward the inside of the solar blanket. Now cut holes for the nylon bolts using the holes in the strap for location. Install the bolts, and tighten the nylon nuts. (See Diagram #9)

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The installation of your new Cleardeck Solar Blanket System is now complete. For best performance and longer blanket life, the solar blanket should be extended and retracted slowly . (Approximately one minute in either direction). When retracting the solar blanket be certain the blanket remains flat and wrinkle free. Manually adjust the solar blanket if necessary. Keep the surface of the solar blanket clean, and free of foreign materials, such as leaves. Wrinkles and foreign materials will increase the force required to retract the blanket and result in possible damage to the solar blanket and/or the drive mechanism. These simple steps will ensure years of trouble free use.